First to Fight


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Played it briefly on a PC, it seemed alright—I prefer Call of Duty to it though. It's on my list of 'to buy' games, probably 1/3 of the way from the top.


Very good game, well worth the money if you ask me. Easy to pick up so suggest you start the game on a harder playing level to make it a bit more of a challenge.

But I do agree it's not as good as Medal of Honor!


I have it, and I really enjoyed it! :)

The AI isn't perfect (teammates standing in your line of fire; not moving when getting shot at) and you can only save at certain checkpoints, but I still had a great time playing it. It's quite atmospheric and tense, and there's nothing like calling in for an airstrike when pinned-down by an enemy vehicle. :)

I'm a huge MoH:AA, CoD and CoD:UO fan, so I do prefer those, but I think First to Fight is quite different in the way it plays so it's not really a fair comparison. If you can afford it, get both First to Fight and Call of Duty! ;)