FIXED!!!: can't exec anything


mach-o mach-o man
Well, I had posted 3 times here about how I couldn't run any applications from Aqua because they were behaving like folders. And, I finally fixed it (thanks to Kevin and the other mac os X people at apple's tech support). Let me tell yall, if os X is giving you trouble, post messages here, and give apple a call, because, IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!!! Mac os X rocks!
Here's how to fix situations where osx applications appear as folders:
open a window in the finder. Click the 'home' button. Navigate to this path : /Users/<current user>/Library/Preferences/
(you are probably half way there allready...)
Delete the files that have 'LS' in them. Such as 'LSSchemes' and 'LSApplications'. Stuff like that. There are three of them. If you are not allowed to delete them, boot into os 9 or become root and do them (you'll need to create the root user first).
By the way, if you were not even allowed to go into the 'Library' folder, here's the most likely reason: When you initially booted your computer after installing mac os x, you created a user called 'root'. Bad idea. The system has allready created a 'root' user, and now it has two users called 'root'. Alot of conflicts will occur. Before you even bother deleteing those 'LS*' files, re-install osx and create another user with a more unique name.
You can enable the root user later in the net-info application.
(yeah, alot of this is from various apple kbase documents, like #106241). Get a kbase id. Its worth it. OS X ROCKS!!!!

Oh, and if you get it all set up as a server, turn off 'power managment'..... A sleeping computer doesn't make much of a server... My 2 cents.
I hope you all enjoy Mac os X as much as I am.
(I can't wait for a more stable Mozilla - ie sucks)