Fizzilla MP Bug Fixed!


Jigglypuff Extraordinare
Perhaps I'm late with this but I just downloaded the latest Fizzilla nightly and POOF! no more Multiprocessor bug! (prior, fizzilla would freeze up on MP machines)

Finally, a decent browser for X! (IE being a close second) Omni users can just bite their toungues in advance, I'm not gonna hear it :p

Hey, I'm an OmniWeb user (I even paid for it), but I like to use the nightly builds of Mozilla, too. An added bonus of the more recent builds of Mozilla is that it finally stopped crashing when I come to The nightly builds were doing that for a week and a half, at least.
I mostly use OmniWeb too, but was using the Mozilla builds until my Dual 800 arrived......I think Mozilla is getting *really* close to being my browser of's really coming along nicely.

Of course, OmniWeb 4.1 is imminent and is supposed to have some performance and compatibility improvements so I may change my mind again.
The main reason I have been using Mozilla more of late is really because speed is such an obvious issue with OmniWeb. I did a page comparison recently with Mozilla and OmniWeb, and Mozilla didn't even compare. Plus, Mozilla isn't handling other writing scripts very well, either. When 4.1 comes out, I will almost definitely use it most of the time again.