Flash 5 crashy


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In a moment of weakness I bought Flash 5.

It worked ok as I worked though some built in lessons, but ever since it has been crashy as can be. It brings down the whole of Classic when it goes south. I have not added or removed any other software since I installed Flash 5.

Is it just me?

Macromedia claims that "Macromedia Flash 5 and the Macromedia Flash Player 5 have been extensively tested and are fully functional with OS X in classic mode." I have no reason to doubt them, except of course for my personal experience to the contrary.

I suppose I should try booting into 9.1, and see how it works there, but ouch! Who wants to do _that_ anymore?

This problem happens on a G4 Tower, Mac OS X 10.0.3, (Build 4P13) 192 MB ram.
Now if only they would use Quartz to render anti-aliased beziér paths instead of their own renderer to avoid the triple buffer.