Flash and Mac


Since i started working with a mac i'm having trouble with flash sites.
The thing is when i go to a flash made website the CPU instandly goes to 100% and the flash site isn't realy working as fast as it should be.
Can this problem be solved?! I hope so.


Happens to a lot of people im pretty sure of. Flash is faster in Firefox, its just because the flash player hasn't been optimized for Mac therefore is very slow. I've wondered about this too, hopefully we will find a performance increase with the next version of flash.


oooOOooOoo hey thanx for bringing that up DonReactor, and for the response smithy. I, too, have wondered about why my Mac handles Flash much worse than my PC, even though it is much faster.

That makes sense, I suppose, but a bit of a poo! Hopefully something that changes in the future.


I've found Safari 2.0 that comes with Tiger to be much better than Safari 1.x that comes with Panther when it comes to handling Flash sites. Maybe they've optimized it somehow?

In any case, I used to use Firefox only to view flash heavy websites and Safari for everything else.


Well i also use the OS X tiger. Still not much better.
Hopefully the new version of flash will come soon!
Coz i'll be watching more and more flash sites:p


I have met many older mac users with the same complaint, yet every single case was user error. Tiger is only has good as its update's (well i take that back Tiger is awesome), Flash needs its love as well. TO Fix your Problem of Flash viewing follow the steps bellow:
Upgrade to Tiger (Flash will work on Panther with no sweat, but the Grrrr of Tiger is not something to be without), after completing all of your Apple software updates follow up by upgrading your plug-in's; flash, realplayer, the foul WMP....

If for some reason you still are having some difficulties spotlight flash and see if the newest version made it to your safari plug-in's folder under library (You have two or more Library folders with Internet Plug-in's make sure it are under your current user Library.
If you still can't figure it out back-up your system and bring it to a Apple Store.

I have been designing Flash projects on a Mac more than a day or so,::ha:: , Flash works with perfect speed and detail on my machines and those of every Mac Flash designer I work with day-to-day and work with.

If you insist on using Mozilla don't use the Microsoft looking FireFox why muck the look of your mac, use www.caminobrowser.org