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happy (again)
:) What do you guys like better. Macromedia Flash or Adobe LiveMotion. Keep in mind that Livemotion is still new.
...and keep in mind that when Flash was new, it already had 10x the functionality of it's scripting language than LiveMotion...
I think Adobe AND its customers were missing the point in LiveMotion.

Adobe thought they could push SVG with LiveMotion. And they wanted to publish an animation package that enhances the Webdesign package they sell.

The users however wanted a Flash creation application that was useable (which Flash is not).

The wishes were not compatible, so this poll is a bit useless itself. :)
I wouldn't say Flash is not usable. Since it became a new standard in web design, yes, it should have a much better developing environment, but I am more or less happy.

My post was more targeted at the scripting language which powers Flash-bases web applications. LiveMotion is years away from this...even from Flash 3 ActionScript...
Adobe hasn't updated Livemotion for a couple of years. It's definitely getting stale.

Adobe updated After Effects earlier this year with a horde of JavaScript based functionality and lots of other neato ish. Technically- all it needs to do is hone a few points and they could launch a wholesale flash/svg/web animation and interactivity solution. Livemotion's interface was remarkably similar to After Effects, which is a fabulous animation tool, to begin with. Tons of people already respect and love After Effects (myself included). Why try and inject a new product into the market when they already have one that's practically industry-standard (not to mention one that integrates seamlessly with illustrator, photoshop, etc. etc. etc.

But yeah- livemotion's scripting is definitely not finished (usable?). Flash's animation tools are wretched. Someone needs to take the initiative.
The users however wanted a Flash creation application that was useable (which Flash is not).

Are you high? Just because YOU can't seem to figure out Flash doesn't make it "unuseable". Flash is an amazing technology that get's a bad rap from web designers who don't have any taste implementing it in hideous ways. But it is VERY usable. Flash 5 is such an evolution from what it started out as, and has become a multimedia authoring standard. Any medium level designer can figure out how to create animations with ease. Any designer can implement basic interactivity very easily. And seasoned scripters can create just about anything they can think up...

LiveMotion missed it's window of opportunity. If Adobe had released LiveMotion before Flash 4, it would have put a serious dent in Flash's user base. But when Flash 4 came out, it included some basic scripting. When Flash 5 beefed up the scripting capabilities and LiveMotion came out with no scripting capabilities, it seriously limited it's usefullness with serious designers. I think Adobe had the edge with the interface with users who were coming from using After Effects or ImageStyler, of which both were borrowed from for LiveMotion.
"Adobe thought they could push SVG with LiveMotion."

realy? My version of Livemotion does not have SVG