Flickering Screen



Hi. i have a G4 powerbook that i bought just over a year ago and basically i keep getting this recurring flickering of the screen. Sometimes it seem to wobble a bit. As far as i can tell everything else on the computer functions ok - application etc. There's not much more i can say about really, except that it doesn't look healthy. I have using macs for about 10 years. Hope somebody can shed some light on this matter.


Well.. if you purchased Apple Care I'd send it back immediately. (If you haven't bought it, see if you're still available to get it. Depending on what you mean by "just over a year" you may still be able to buy the Apple Care plan... A must have for laptops, IMHO). You may have a bad video card or damaged, loose wiring to the screen. If you want to check your LB and card... try hooking it up to an external monitor when it's flickering. If the picture on the PC monitor is fine, then it's not your card or LB... I know the older Powerbooks had problems with the video cables getting pinched in the hinges, but the newer ones should be fine. Best course of action is to send it back to Apple for repair....
Thanks for the advice. I have a feeling it is something to do with wiring being pinched, because moving the screen backwards or forwards seems to rectify the problem every time.