Floppy disk drives with Mac OS X


Do you also have the problem that you're running Mac OS X PB and it doesn't recognize your beautiful diskdrive?

--> I was thinking it must be possible that Mac OS X recog-

nizes the diskdrive, 'cause it's also possible to

let your (HP) printer be recognized...

I have an Imation USB SuperDisk Drive, perfectly working with Mac OS 9.

Now I want it working with Mac OS X...

--> I was thinking it must be possible with Darwin!


I think I've posted elsewhere that Apple guarantees that X 1.0 will ship with all Apple hardware elements supported from the Beige G3 on, except the Beige's internal floppy. This doesn't mean that it wont, but it isn't guartanteed to be with the 1.0.

As for USB peripherals, getting drivers down is one thing that Apple and everyone are working hard on. We are lucky for the HP hack, but it has no general applicability, I am afraid.