Flower Power and Blue Dalmation?


I just checked the apple store web site and flower power and blue dalmation are no longer in the iMac line up!!! Why?:confused:
Because they're silly? I dunno, maybe they did sell okay, or maybe they're gone because I'm not the only one who thinks they're silly.

You're not the only one. Blue dalmatian was passable, but the flower power design was just ridiculous.
And your not the only one either. The further Apple gets away from making there machines look like toys, the better it will be to crush this stereotype that they are.
The best thing about it is that they will be Collectors Items in a couple years being the shortest lived products Apple's made.

I frankly am happy they're gone. Less toys, more power.. better reputation.

You go Apple! Now, WHERE'S OUR LCD iMac? ;)
I wouldn't want to own a Blue Dalmatian or Flower Power iMac, but that doesn't mean that Apple can't try to reach out to other markets (kids? people new to computers?)...

Apple also makes the kewlest hardware available today: PowerBook G4, iceBook, PowerMacintosh G4...

On the other hand: now that they're gone, there's one thing less my peecee friends can use to put Apple down.