Folder Actions won't stay Enabled


I have one folder action configured on only one folder. The folder is on an internal HD, but it's not my boot drive. I'm running a fairly stock new install of Tiger, with OpenMenu and Default Folder about the only fancy things I've added.

Whenever I reboot, Finder seems to forget my Folder Action. :( By this I mean that it does not work! Dropping new files in that folder does NOT trigger the action. However, when I open Folder Actions Setup, I can the Folder Action is enabled - and after closing this the Folder Action works!

How come I have to launch Folder Actions Setup to get my Folder Actions to work? Any suggestions?

For some reason OS X just doesn't remember your Folder Action setting upon reboot — it doesn't matter which drive the folder in question is on. This bugged me a lot, too, so I made an AppleScript to turn Folder Actions on, and put it in my login items. The script is simple enough:
tell application "System Events"
	set folder actions enabled to true
end tell
Save that as an application in Script Editor, and drag it into your login items (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items).

This way, every time you log in, Folder Actions will be automatically re-enabled.
I also posted this question on another forum. The answer there gives a little more detail into the fact that System Events needs to be running - and isn't for some reason. :confused:

Anyway, the hint here and in the other forum both worked. Thanks!