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We have a PC & Mac environment - but these issues are only from mac to mac.

Both macs are running os x.4 w/ the latest updates.
One is a G4-700, and the other is a Dual G4 1.25

The office stores files on the G4-700. It has both OS classic as well as OS X.4

We are having three problems (although one seems to have been answered in the forums).

1. All the files created under classic, if we try to move them over to the Dual G4 (we want to make it the new file server as it has a bigger HD), show up as UNIX files, and we aren't able to open them in the native application.

2. Our OS Classic CD doesn't seem to work on the Dual G4 - we can't get it to recognize the cd, either as a boot, or from the OS. The CD works in the G4-700, both to boot from as well as to install.

3. The folder names on the G4-700 are all changed when viewed over the network on the Dual G4. Its basically gobbitygook. File names are goobbitygook as well. Why is this? The G4-700 (where they are stored) sees them well, whether it is booted in OS X.4 or OS Classic.

Thanks for all your help!
Hmm... Well first: The dual 1.25 GHz G4 probably can't boot OS 9 - period. It can only use the classic Mac OS in the Classic Environment, i.e. from within OS X.

Are you running the 700 MHz G4 in OS 9 when sharing its files? Using Personal File Sharing?

What do you mean by gobbitygook? Can you take a screenshot?
Well, with regards to the Dual G4, I'm trying to use classic from within OSX, but its not installed. I think there was a clean install done when we upgraded to OSX.4 I guess I'm going to have to boot to an OS X.2 CD, clean the drive, install OS X.2, then install classic, then upgrade to OS X.4, right?

We don't boot up into classic at all with regards to the G4 700. Its run via OS X.4's file sharing, in the personal folder.

screenshot of the folders on the Dual G4 has been attached.
As you can see, the folder names are all garbage.
I've also attached a screenshot of the folders as they appear locally on the G4 700.

Thanks a millions for your help!


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thanks for the help with OS 9 stuff.

any help with the wierd folder names that i have posted?

the image with regular names (basically locations for our sites) is how the folder is viewed locally on the G4 700.

The other image i uploaded shows how the folders look when viewed over the network on the Dual G4.


well, i've tried using the software restore cds that came with the machine. They are for os 9.21 and os 10.1, and they, too, are unbootable. Tried all the various ways to boot from CD and wasn't able to do it. Is it because its for OS 10.1 and not 10.4?

We had bought the upgrade earlier this summer, and have been faced with these problems since.
The folder issue has to do with the account.

I created a new account on the Dual G4, and it read the files perfectly.
Now all I need to do is find out how to repair the admin account.