Folder icon colors (a.k.a. Labels)


I did not use folder colors (labels) in OS 9 on a regular basis, but every once in a while that came in handy.

When performing a multi-step workflow on a folder full of files, colors are the best way to remember which stage each file is at. Certainly you can use a file naming scheme to acomplish the same thing, but the visual simplicity of colors was awesome.

I'm not one of those folks who thinks OS X ought to be like 9, but I think I would have prefered folder colors over Stickies!

Am I the only one who misses this feature?
No. In my opinion, if osX introduced Labels, it'd generally be viewed as an original & innovative idea. I've not opted to go with Labels very often on folders in OS 9, but I liked the option & the idea that I had it once in a while. I get a little frustrated with the "out with the old, in with the new" goose-stepping that goes on in a variety of the online forums once it gets into the issue of osX vs. 9. I'm looking forward indeed to getting the older features (i.e., Labels, etc.) in osX!

I actually used labels fairly often. I would like it if they were brought back. Well, thats what the feedback forum is for isn't it?
I'm not currently at my home computer, so I can't verify that this is still in Mac OS X 10.0, but I remember in a relatively recent build, there is something interesting in the View Options panel, under List mode. Look at the choices for column headings... date modified, date created, kind, size, version, and... label! It seems this may be yet another feature that is already present in the OS at some level, but simply hasn't been finished yet. *sigh* Say hello to Public Beta 2. They'd better release a free update.
Even more interesting is that navigating to files/folders on my OS 9.1 drive that I know have labels... Not only don't I see colors, but this labels column is blank.