Folders Transferred to Drop Box Unable to Be Opened


I'm using Mac OSX 10.4.2.

I'm having a problem where another user from my office is transferring files (from OS 9.2.2) via Appletalk to my Drop Box. When a single file is transferred to me there are no problems, however when a file folder is transferred to me, I get a message when I try to open it saying that I don't have sufficient access privileges to open the file.

I checked the permissions on the Drop Box:

You can: Read & Write

Owner: 'myname'
Access: Read & Write

Group: 'myname'
Access: 'write only' (drop box)'

Others: 'write only (drop box)'

I then checked permissions on the file folder that was transferred to me:

You can: write only (drop box)

Owner: nobody
Access: Read & Write

Group: justinbuckley
Access: Write only (drop box)

Others: write only (drop box)

I don't know if this has something to do with the fact that the person transferring to me has permissions set on that files, I checked, and it appears that anybody can read & write on files on his machine.

unrelated issue:
in trying to Connect to Server (to other machines other than the one I've spoken about above, but also using OS 9.2) I get a message saying 'I can't connect because the file server is using an incompatible version of the AFP protocol.' What does this mean?

Thanks very much for any help!