Font conversion


To tell you the truth, I don't use a Mac. While I have great admiration for Mac sytems for many reasons I am, for now, financially tied to my pc and the software I use on it.

Having said that, I was hoping for an education on the ins and outs of converting Mac fonts to pc.

I am currenty trying to use StuffitExpander9.0 to extract some fonts. When I do the result is 0k files. Even if I had the extension my system won't recognize them. However, I can view them within Stuffit and see the files and their file sizes.

How do I convert these files?

To add to this mystery I once had the same problem with another client who sent me Mac fonts. When I told him I couldn't convert them he ask another designer, also a Mac user, to send me the very same Mac font. The one she sent converted like a charm. How can this be?




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I know you can use PC fonts on macs…

Have you tried taking a mac font and giving it the pc extension for font? Try that and see if your computer will recognize it. I'm not 100% a PC can use Mac fonts but it's worth a shot.