Font Problem with Segoe Mono in Quark 6.5 - can somebody help?


Hi - I have recently been emailed 2 fonts from a customer - Segoe Mono and Segoe TV. They activate fine in Extensis XI but Segoe Mono does not display in the preview panel. In Quark 6.5 they both show up in the font list, and Segoe TV works fine, but Segoe Mono appears as a different font and is all over the place. When I try to make a pdf I get the message: 'The postcript driver has not responded for 60 seconds. There could be an error or a normal delay caused by the complexity of the layout' and it won't make the pdf. When I remove the text box I can make the pdf. I tried Segoe Mono in Photoshop and it displays properly. Also I have scanned and checked the font in Extensis Suitcase and it says it's not damaged. Help - what can I do?