Fonts act funny in Mac OS X


I'm currently running some research on Mac OS X and Fonts. I removed all fonts that resident in the user folder and in the library/fonts folder. I removed unneccesary fonts out of the system/library/fonts (don't remove LucidaGrande.dfont as your OS X will fail to log in). Now when I log out and back in and launch TextEdit, some fonts I removed are still showing up in the FontPanel and are useable. When I search on them (Arial for instance) using Sherlock, nothing by that name is found. Now, that is really weird, ain't it? Actually, I'm writing this in Arail on my screen while that font doesn't exist on my Mac anymore…
Do you still have Arial available in OS 9 on your system? OS X recognizes the fonts from my OS 9 System folder (though Apple claims it does not).

If do the mystery fonts print to a PostScript printer?
You are right. After removing them from the OS 9 System Folder, they also disappeared from the Font Panel. That's funny.