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Happy March 24. Mac OS X is now a reality. Look what I found on Apple's TIL:
It is normal for the build version, "Build 4K78," to appear in the About This Mac window, Apple System Profiler, and the Startup Disk 9.2 control panel.

"Build 4K78" is a developmental name used by Apple for Mac OS X 10.0. It is normal to see this in the About This Mac window, Apple System Profiler, and the Startup Disk 9.2 control panel.

This is not a cause for concern. You have the finalized first release of Mac OS X. The build version may not be visible in future versions of Mac OS X.


Here is the link

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It seems exactly the same here... why wouldn't they change the build number?

I think you've been reading too much ;) I thought macosrumors was bad!
I am a Macintosh developer and I received Build 4K78 (the Final Candidate not the Retail). I install it on a Beige G3 300Mhz (RagePro 64) with 128 Mo and I found it slow (when compared to MacOS 9). Windows switching, application switching, navigation in menus is very slow. In fact whenever you interact with the UI, you find the OS sluggish.

That's why, I think, people are thinking that there is in fact 2 versions of 4K78 : The Final Candidate and the Retail. What's more, the "About this Mac..." menu doesn't display the same thing in the 2 versions and the font panel is not the same too.

The fact that people are finding the Retail version very fast is another step in this direction.

The people that are finding the retail version fast probably did a clean install.

Between the 2 cds, the file sizes are EXACTLY the same, the disk copy checksums are EXACTLY the same, the file modifications dates are EXACTLY the same. Every reliable source I've heard has said there's no difference. The only people saying there are differences have been suspect, to say the least.

And I don't know what version of RC you're using, but the About this Mac and Font panels are the same in mine too.