For or against the US siging Kyoto?

SHould the US sign the Kyoto protocol?

  • Never! Industry first!

  • ASAP, before we destroy Mother Earth

  • Let Bush decide...

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Sad to see this section empty... lets make a poll ! (I enjoy them)
Well, what about this one... not a great idea but first thing I could think of.

Not only should the US honour its commitments, the other nations of the world should refuse to do business with the States until they do honour them.

Didn't they already sign, anyway?
Why can't there be a middle of the road solution? I'll admit that I don't know the details of the treaty but by looking at your Poll answers I see you have to be for or against it. The bush answer doesn't count. Everybody here knows that the VP is really running the country.
I think this Kyoto protocol goes not far enough and so it doesn't matter if the USA support it or not. This planet is dying, and nobody want or will stop this, sorry for this dark interpretation. But the USA is not the only state you should blame for the desaster...

But keep your heads up, we won't see earths death, our children maybe.