Forcing Security Update to reinstall


Notorious Olive Counter
Since the 10-19-01 Security update, my computer has been unstable in the extreme, sshd does not work, etc. etc. etc. Basically I have a computer full of pain...

In the past, I was able to fix this sort of problem by deleting the installation Receipt from /Library/Receipts, and then running software update. Not seeing the installation Receipt, software update assumed the update was missing, and redid the installation, and everyting worked.

This time, Software Update is not fooled though - it still thinks I have the security update. Does anyone know how I can fool it into rerunning the update? Failing that, anyone know how I can get an actual Installer package and do it myself?
That'd weird that that trick no longer works...I wonder if they cache that information someplace; maybe try a logout/login or even a reboot to see if it still remembers.

If not, the downloadable version is available
I've downloaded the installer, and I'll run it by hand.

For future reference, how do you find these installers? I'd like to bookmark the starting site, in case this starts happening to me again...
I personally use doc. 75133 to find the downloadable stuff; that page, however, was written when they were still changing around some of their web stuff, so the TIL link doesn't work anymore, but the second does.