forgot my root what?


i forgot my root password (all that german beer...) and i need it! how do i get it change it?
...when the installation window appears go to the menu bar. There is an option somewhere in there to reset your password.

If you've activated your root account I believe this will set both your admin and root passwords to the same thing. If not, you can still use your admin password to reset your root password from the Terminal using the command 'sudo passwd root'. You'll first be asked for your admin password, then the new root password which you must enter twice.

Ah, won't it be nice to get back in there and start having fun again?
I wonder if you could boot into single-user mode and set it from there. Or clear the /etc/passwd file line for root.

yeah, i didn't need to boot from the cd, i just sudoed, and it worked. ahh forums what would the world be without them....

just my two cents on the matter, the other way of doing it is to go into netinfo manager, and under users you will see root. One of its properties is password, and its value is the crypted password. Just set the value to nothing, and you can login to root without a password. Then you can set it back
Just type in:

sudo /bin/tcsh

And that will make you root user, then type in:

passwd root

And enter the new password you want. I find that to be the fastest way to enable root or change the password.