forgot password for stuffit archive


I know no one's gonna believe me when I say this, but I had an important document that I didn't want anyone to read so I used stuffit dropstuff 6.5 to encryt and password protect it.

Yes I forgot the password. Everyone knew all my normal passwords so I had thought up something creative. Unfortunately I have NO idea what it was.

If someone knows how to open up the archive anyways, please email me rather than respond on the forum. This probably is not the best thing to give out freely :)

Thanks, hope someone'll believe me!

Unless you archived it with a really ancient version of stuffit (version 3.x or before I believe) there is no way to crack it open :(
I did that once using the Apple Password Encryptor in OS 9 there was no way to get the password and I think it is the same with stuffit.
sorry! :(