Formac ProTV tuner for OS X?

Sorry, I don't have an answer for ya, but I like to put things i'm interested in back up at the top.
It really would be great to be able to use my $100 tv tuner in X. Since I have to boot into 9 to watch TV or listen to the radio, I don't do that very much.
On a side note, It would also be really cool to be able to use my SoundBlaster Live! card in this ultra-modern operating system with professional quality sound tools or whatever. I just want 4.1!
My rant is finished now...
As of today, Formac tech support is still "evaluating the feasibility" of supporting ProTV under OS X.

Hmmph. If feasibility means "technical possibility" I'd be suprised if the answer was no (but what do I know). I think they are really wondering whether it is financially worth their while to do so.

I would hope that for most developers of products for Mac this would be a no brainer. They're going to have to support the new operating system if they want to continue marketing to Mac users. Maybe we can help them with their market research by registering with their tech support staff our need for OS X compatible (preferably native) drivers, and indicate that timely support for OS X for products that currently ship or were shipping in the recent past is a criteria we will use when making future purchase decisions.


Last I read @ their website. They did not plan on supporting OSX. Needless to say I am very angry about this! They did find it feasible to offer OSX support for their Studio product. Angry email campaign begin!
Looks like they did actually release the OS X driver for the studio product. What the hell, I'm going to download it and see if it happens to work with the ProTV card. Can't hurt trying.

Don't waste your time
i've already tried it
the installer works but the app won't load because it can't find a studio device
Had to give it a whirl.

Well, at least the Formac website page for the studio device is pretty hot on OS X, so hopefully that's a good sign they'll decide to do the ProTV card too.