Forwarding Emails In Mail 2.0.2


Is there any way to FORWARD multiple emails at once and not have them appended to one email? I would like them batched forwarded as individual emails.


I 'm a bit new to the MAC world, so I don't understand how to do what you just suggested. Can you point me to somewhere that can help me understand how to do what you are saying?


Rules can be found in Mail > Preferences.... They can handle messages that meet any number of criteria. One of the results of a Rule is to execute an AppleScript.

IIRC, AppleScript have been around since the Daddy Bush Administration. Scripts can control virtually every function of a scriptable application like Mail.

Automator is a part of MacOS X 10.4. Think of it as AppleScript for the rest of us.

Once, we were all new to the Mac. That is not an excuse. The tools that you need are on your computer. You may learn to use them. You may pay someone to do it for you. Or you may forget the whole thing. The choice is yours.

Settle down there cowboy... you come off like a prick. Not sure if that was your intention or not, but sheesh, the guy was simply asking for help. I've been using a Mac since the days of OS 7.1 and I've been running into the same problem. The point of forums like these are to help those that are in need - if you know how to do it, don't flaunt your knowledge in his face. Give the brother a hand.

The fact is, I've been digging through Automator and Mail scripts, rules etc... all morning, and am still having a hard time getting it to work the way I need it too. Our spam server at work is currently in training mode and I need to forward every message I get as in individual message so that it can read it. If I select multiple messages, they are all stuck into one plain text message - as the rest of us have discovered.

So - I thought another way would be to have some sort of Rule or smart folder set-up to forward my messages if they were housed in that particular folder. Ie. I get a bunch of messages, filter out the good ones and drag the bad ones to a "filter my junk" folder. Then if they are in this folder, send the individual email messages off and delete them for clean-up. Seems simple, but I can't get this rule to apply to only a specific folder. It runs the whole application - thus sending some of my good messages to the spam filter.

Anyway - still digging around the web for some more scripts and what not. tcapoccia, if I find anything, I'll let you know.