Found A Cool Site That Allows You To Search Itunes By Record Label


As a huge music fan, searching for music by record label really appeals to me. I've dome some googling around and it seems other people have been looking for iTunes record label searching to no avail. I even saw posts on this site from back in 2003!

Anyway, I discovered a new site that allows you to do it -- It's called Listen By Label and allows you to search labels and link albums to iTunes. Also has good Spotify support.

check it out --


To be honest, I don’t like iTunes app. In my opinion, Spotify is a way better. Moreover, Spotify gives more opportunities for young musicians. For me the last thing is very important because now I am buying plays on Spotify and you can go here to buy them as well. I am really eager to be popular


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And you reply on a 5 year old thread? Please stick to most recent postings.