Found Something about Mounted Images!


echo $row['what_tha'];
Every now and then I would have a mounted Disk image that would never eject.... only after a day or so, or magicaly it seemed after many of many attempts... I would always get the image in use error....

I have just cought something.... after downloading an image file and running a "Classic" installer app from the image... I found that (Had no Classic apps running after the installer was finished and quit) the TrueBlueEnviroment proccess was still running... so out of "Hummm" thought.. I killed the TrueBlue proccess via terminal and then tried to eject/unmount the image that would never eject... and wa-blooming-la .. it ejected .... ;)

It dawned on me that all the images that would never eject (Giving me the in use error) were images that had classic installers or what not that had launched classic.... So killing trueblue and classic cures that one....

Or better yet (And most likely already mentioned somewhere) do not run an app from a mounted disk image ... ;)

Just a user report ......