Found something out dealing with Q3A


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I am having all sorts of problems running Q3A in OS X, but I found something out about one of them!

I'm sure it's not ran into all that often, but here is something to look into if you go to launch Q3A and it "Unexpectedly quit: no other applications were effected" ......

I caught an issue with grabing pk3 files from another OS X box via ncftp or finder. The file properties (Owner/Group permisons) will keep and there for need to be changed to the user/group permisons for the system you just copied them to.

I couldn't "For the life of me" figure out what was happening when Q3A was working one minute then not the next. I would grab a few map files from my OS X Q3A server and it would not launch any more after doing so. I knew the pk3 files were fine because they are running good on the server. But out of luck I thought about the "Unix" thing, and chmod 644'ed the files I grabed. Q3A would then launch and use the pk3 files with out error...

So, remember to take a look at this if it happens.

Ps, the same event happened when I used ncftp to grab a map file from a linux system.....
You're kidding. You mean the Finder doesn't change the owner to you when you copy files from another user? That seems like a terrible idea. Even 'cp' does that.