Free 10.1


Ok so os X.1 IS a free upgrade at apple stores, ortherwise a $20 s/h fee if ordered. But its for registered users. I dont remember registering my copy. It is legal but how do i register it now? I remember os 9 had a shortcut on the desktop. I thought i had one for x but it didnt work so i never registered it, that i remember. Help me out here.

If I remember correctly, when I bought my copy of OS X, there were three proofs of purchase inclosed in the box. I'm guessing you'll have to take one of those with you to the Apple Store, CompUSA, etc. But, YMMV.
Theres the setup assistant when you first install OS X, which allows you to register it...
If you didn't do it then, you can also do it at Apple's website, I think under Support...
erm.. Or is that only for hardware?

I registered mine on installation, so I'm not familiar with the alternative methods..