Free Rhapsody (mi burro)


Uber Nothing
If you watch TV, then you have probably seen the "Free Rhapsody" ads trying to be the #1 -this is important- "Music Service"

Well, I went straight to the site my idiot box told me, and to my dismay it says "This feature is not currently compatible with Macs".


So I head over to my Comcast home page, and check out the features included in my service. It says "Free 14-day trial of Rhapsody". I think "Great!" So, I click on it and it takes me to yet another page telling me how Rhapsody doesn't work on my Mac.

What gives? Is their anything to be coveted in Rhapsody? And when/why isn't it available on our beloved platform?
It's just as bad when you see a message in your iTunes saying that the music store isn't available in your country yet.