Free Software to Convert Video to Galaxy S3?


How do you usually convert video (like m2ts, mod, flv) to Galaxy supported formats? I tried Handbrake, but the video quality is barely satisfactory. Just found a freebie MacX Mobile Video Converter. But it seems to be new for me. Does anyone know how it works?
Yes. Galaxy usually supports MP4 and H264 video formats. I just have some camcorder video (m2ts format) and want to transfer them to galaxy.
You might try iFFmpeg. It's not free though. Or possibly Mpeg Streamclip. Check your settings in Handbrake. Maybe you can improve the quality. I've never heard of MacX Mobile so don't know anything about it. Sorry.

Edit: Just came from the Macupdate page for them. Did you read the reviews for MacX? I hope you didn't pay for it.
I have not found the review for macx mobile, but I was curious about how it works, so I have got it (free of charge :D). I'm still trying it. It seems that this app works well till now.