I am a Mac fanatic and for my desktop computing, have not touched anything but Apples since my first Apple IIc in 1984.

But my server-based computing is a different story. Our company has an advanced CGI-intensive application that runs via UNIX-based P3/P4 type machines running FreeBSD with Apache as well as classic UNIX executibles such as Sendmail, Procmail, PERL, gcc, etc.

We now have a client that wants to host our application from one of their Mac OS X webservers. Is this possible? I have heard that FreeBSD is available for Mac OS X. If this is the case, what difficulties can I expect bringing an application that was developed from scratch for a UNIX-based FreeBSD environment onto a Mac OS X server? What type of support is available for this type of endeavour?

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

OSX is basically FreeBSD with a different kernel. That means anything that runs on FreeBSD (or any unix for that matter) would, theoretically be able to run on OSX Server. The exception being apps that are based on some sort of GUI (normally x-windows). Check out for more info. Do you have the source code available for that apps you need to run on OSX? If so, you should be able to build them on OSX with little or no trouble.