freehand 9.0.1 and OsX


Does anyone got freehand 9 to work native in OsX.
Its Carbon, ins«t it?
Hell its not working for me.
I tried the macromedia support page and they recognize the problem.

When launching FreeHand 9.0.1 in Macintosh OS X, an Application Launch Failure occurs. This triggers the following error message:

"The application 'FreeHand 9.0.1' could not be launched because of a shared library error:

this is the solution---> :(

Complete the steps below to launch FreeHand 9.0.1 in the Classic environment.

Open the FreeHand 9 folder.

Click once to select the FreeHand 9.0.1 application file.

Press Command-I to open the FreeHand 9.0.1 Info panel.

Select the 'Open in the Classic environment' box under General Information.

Close the FreeHand 9.0.1 Info panel.

Launch FreeHand 9.0.1.



Freehand 9.x has some carbon elements built in to it, but it is not a complete carbon app.

I mean seriously, don't you think if it were that Macromedia would have had a field day jumping all over the release of X, "Hey, Apple just put out this great new OS and our software already works on it!"

Upgrade to Freehand 10. It's a completely OS X native carbon app, and it has great new features. Hell, I may switch from Illustartor to Freehand if Adobe doesn't get something going in regard to X sometime soon.


Youre right. The problem isnt macromedia but They have a page were they list carbon ready apps. Freehand is amoung them.