Want some of my Kool-aid?
I just want to say that Macromedia is listening, Freehand 10 is amazing, as a long time Illustrator user, I am really getting sick of the crap that Adobe has been spewing ever since they decided to become winblows centric. Macromedia came out with OS X Flash Plugin, and Freehand X, and I expect to see fireworks, dreamweaver and flash X versions soon (Director may take a while). If only they could come up with a photoshop killer! Freehand X is zippy and with multipage support you can use it to replace both PageMaker/Quark and Illustrator. I know a lot of adobe fans are out there, but adobe is not showing it's support right now and we need to support the software that supports the Mac. Panic, Macromedia, BareBones, thousand of shareware developers and even Microsoft all have X versions or announced them coming out this fall, where is adobe, the new version of pagemaker is not carbonized even though back in January they claimed that all next version upgrade would be. Sorry but adobe really chaps my hide!