I'm looking to install FreeTDS on OS X PB (and final since it comes out this weekend.) but having little success thus far. I'm mostly a mac guy with very little experience in unix or linux, so I'm not making a whole lot of progress. Has anyone else had any success in this area?
Did you ever get it to work? I am trying at the moment but can't even compile GMAKE to make FreeTDS. I've searched and searched but haven't found a thing yet.
I did get it to install alright using the latest version from the cvs (they have instructions on their site how to get it from the cvs) and then replacing config.guess and config.sub with the ones from my /usr/libexec directory. However, once you compile it in with PHP, apache starts giving dyld errors about bad symbols, whatever that means. So no luck so far. Sorry.
FreeTDS is a free re-implementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol that is used by Sybase and Microsoft for their database products. It currently implements TDS 4.2, 5.0 and 7.0, so it should be able to communicate with any Sybase products and Microsoft SQL Server.

That's how the website defines it. In essence its a protocol that allows to to connect to any database from MS SQL to Oracle using php or perl and probably others. I need it specifically to connect to an (mutter curse grumble) MS SQL 7 database myself.