Freezes With New Monitor


Hello. Can a monitor make OSx 10.3.9 freeze? I have been using my G4 mirror doors for 9 months without a hitch, and with several different monitors. Half a day after plugging in a LaCie 21 crt I started to get repeated cursor freezes, with no force restart working, nothing (though the time connected to internet kept ticking). Only pressing the power button would do. I started from the cd and repaired the disk about 15 times - it still said disk repaired each time. Carried on freezing every 10-15 mins. So here I am back on my old monitor where I have been for a couple of hours with no problems.

I didn't think monitors needed drivers or anything and couldn't find a mention on LaCie's site.

Any help much appreciated

Maldon, England

Oh, forgot - G4 1.25 / 512 / USB printer and scanner recently installed (but a week ago without problems)
Monitors definitely don't need drivers. This rather sounds like your keyboard somehow got disconnected. Maybe the monitor's cable somehow is damaged? Or you 'almost' disconnected your USB cable when attaching the monitor?
Thankyou for your reply, fryke. Certainly not the monitor, as the other one started to do it too after a while. Unplugged the recently added printer and scanner... everything works for a bit then the freezes return and get more and more frequent until I'm restarting into a frozen state. Boot in OS9 - same thing. Boot from clean OSX on another volume - worked for a day but eventually froze too.

Current suspect - usb hub. Working fine with it far