frequent 10.1 kernal panics


hunger buster
I am getting kernal panics on a daily basis since I installed 10.1

At least the first one was a kernal panic, the subsequent ones
just show the last few lines of a panic (...continue =c, reboot=r...etc)
and lock the machine. They don't display all the codes at the
beginning. It usually occurs after significant idle time while running
the screensaver. I'm going to turn off the screen saver to see
if that fixes anything.

Anyone else getting this?


768 ram
adaptec 2930 pci scsi
turned off the screensaver, and updated my scsi card driver to 1.0.2.

havent had any panics in the last two days.
will update again in a few days...

I also have a vst fw drive, but can't find any osx drivers...