Frequent program crashes in Safari, Mail & Others


I've been getting tons of program crashes and would like to know how I can resolve this problem.

Here are some sample logs -

And here's the overview of crashes -

And a summary of all programs currently installed (very minimal).

The Photoshop crash has been fixed. (outdated plug in)

I only just purchased this Mac in early January - the crashes started about a month ago and have been getting worse. I've tried running in "Safe" mode for a while without problems - but sometimes it takes days to crash - I haven't spent that much time in "Safe" mode.

It's making me crazy - especially when EyeTV crashes - as that could affect an ongoing recording - or schedule.

What do I do when a program crashes - just reopen it - or do I have to restart the computer every time?


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Regarding dealing with "frozen" apps - you should be able to force quit by pressing command-option-esc, then selecting the app to force quit, or alt-tab out of the frozen app, and opening the force quit menu from the apple icon.

Generally a good first step in troubleshooting software issues is to attempt a disk permission repair from Disk Utility. The fact that so many programs are having issues makes it seem like there must be something in common that is causing the problem. You can try creating a new User account to eliminate the possibility of some corrupted file on your user account causing the crashes.


Thanks, I'll try the new user account idea!

Yes, I've repaired permissions, tons of times.
And FWIW These aren't program freezes - they've been flat out crashes - BAM - gone.... and then a following crash report.

It's very odd because this is my second machine in 6 months and I went from 400 programs down to about 100 - trying to keep it as minimalist as possible.

(I upgraded from a 2011 Mac Mini to a cleanly reformatted 2010 27" iMac i7, and reinstalled all the programs one by one as opposed to using Migration Assistant)