Well for the first time last night i froze X. I was in netscape 6.1 and surfing around when i wanted to open AOL messanger in classic. After a few moments i couldnt get netscape to do anything except think. So i opened IE and it told me i had to conenct to the internet before surfing. But i was connected. So i disconnected and tried again. No luck. So i quit classic and reconnected and tryed loading a website in netscape and it just thought and though. I tried IE and it told me i had to connect to the internet first ( but iw as ) then it froze. completly. I dont understand what did it. Maybe netscape doesnt like classic, maybe the website i was trying crashed something, maybe it was just screwed. But i did work it out. Not sure how but eventually it worked again.

Go figue. X isnt supposed to freeze, but it did.

Did the entire interface freeze or just those applications?

I had several UI freezes under PB and
10.0.0-10.0.4, but none so far under
10.1 in a month of usage. Netinfo used
to crap out on me occasionally (leading to
the system being unresponsive for
minutes at a time) before, but once
again this hasn't happened in 10.1.

No kernel panics, either.
I could easily freeze OS X 10.1. I have an ISDN vigor modem. If it's not connected to the mac (not plugged into the USB port) the whole thing freezes, and I can't even force quit. Quite annoying.