Frustration with real player


Can anyone tell me how to get the real player working with streaming brodcasts on Safari... It works no problem on Explorer but never on Safari... I just get the following message...
"The page “BBC News Player” has content of MIME type “audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin”. Because you don’t have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can’t be displayed" Any advise would be appreciated...


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I have always had issues with Real Player so I have just chosen not to watch anything that is brodcast in that format.


Easy for you to say... I'm kind of new with this stuff... Don't know where to start... Just trying to find my way in the strange new wonderful world of mac...


a quick look at reveals:

Minimum System Requirements for RealPlayer for Mac OS X

Mac* OS X (10.1.1 or later)
128 MB RAM
G3, G4, MAC OS X compatible
Internet Connection
Browser support: Microsoft Internet Explorer* 5.1 or later or Netscape* 6.2 or later
(These browsers are not yet supported by Real services: Chimera, Camino, iCab, OmniWeb, Mozilla, Opera, Safari)



I realized about 4 years ago that anything using and/or requiring RealPlayer wasn't worth my time or money.


01. Did you delete the two (or more) '' cookies (via 'Safari's 'Safari, Preferences...' 'Security' toolbar)?, and then attempt to view a 'BBC' video?

02. Does the '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/' (or '~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/') folder contain the 'RealPlayer Plugin.xpt' and 'RealPlayer Plugin' alias files?
If not, locate '' and via a contextual menu (<option> click for single button mouse, or right button click for multiple buttons mouse - on '') - select 'Show Package Contents', and then navigate to the 'MacOS' folder. Here the two plug-in files will be. Select the two files and do a 'Command <option>' click and drag, of the files, to the '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/' folder (the two alias files will result). Perform '01.' above, if needed, and try again - viewing a BBC video.


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The best that I've been able to do is download the stream link and play it from within realplayer.


Stay away from realplayer if you have the option. Being selective in this way can sometimes be a pain, but the real pain is real for not supporting mac, oh yeah and the bastards that decide to use it to stream their content.