Fry's Lies


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At least the one in Austin does. They said they would have "an exponential number" of Mac OS X upgrades available when they opened this morning. They had NONE! I guess that exponent could be zero to the power of zero. :/

Has anyone else actually picked one up this morning? Care to make a disc image and post it to Usenet or a public FTP?
I went to circuit city today to try to get my copy. The customer service representative said that the truck was lost this morning and they didn't expect him for another half an hour and I should try back this afternoon. The guy she called to ask said he was on the other line with the driver. Has anybody had any luck with circuit city? Does anybody know if they are getting the update packages or just the full retail version?
I walked in, there was no line... just a table at the entrance, with a bunch of computers showing off windows XP. I asked the guy about the OSX update and he just handed me a copy. I was expecting more people. I guess I'm glad that everyone else isn't as geeky as I am.:cool:
I just walked out of CompUSA in Maryland with my copy of X.1. I had to track down one of the child molester looking employees to pull one from the back for me, as there was no table, no advertising, NO announcement for X.1 whatsoever.

I think Apple REALLY needs to put some pressure on compusa regarding the condition of their apple stores. At my compusa the macintosh section hasn't been improved at all since before the store-within-a-store concept. well except for a few signs.

Beware of Fry's in California.

I went at 9AM (Fry's Sunnyvale) and there were about 6 others waiting for the salesman to get the 10.1 upgrades. He came back and said the truck was expected in 15 minutes, and that Fry's will only give the update to PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT OSX ONLY FROM FRY'S WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS AND HAD A RECEIPT! If you had proof of purchase from Apple or any other store it didn't matter. No dice.

We all told him it was ridiculous, we'd never shop at Fry's again, then we all left and drove 10 mins. to CompUSA in Sunnyvale where the Apple rep gave us a copy without even any proof of purchase.

Avoid Fry's Electronics. They are greedy, careless, and unscrupulous...
I called back the Fry's here and asked if any copies arrived. They asked me if I purchased my copy of X from Fry's. After I said I hadn't they paused and said an "Apple person" was outside the store earlier handing them out to people who needed the upgrade. He wouldn't confirm if this person was still outside.

I'm assuming they would have told me to just come on in for a clandestine handover of the upgrade had I purchased X from them. As a result, I will patronize Fry's in the future ONLY if there is no other solution. What a bunch of scumbags. Really sour experience.

I blame Fry's, but I also blame Apple for handling this upgrade so poorly. Some lessons need to be learned here by everyone involved.
When I went back to Circuit City to get my copy they told me that they were only getting 15 copies and they were for the computers in their stock, they took my name and said if they had any left over they would call me. It doesn't make me happy and I will probably never shop in that store again, but can you blame them would you as a manager/owner of a store devote your staff and resources to distributing another companies free products? I almost wish they were charging for the upgrade, at least then stores would make sure they have enough upgrades and that they are available in a reasonable time frame. Apple really dropped the ball on this upgrade! Its too big to download, that sucks, buts lets move on. You think that Apple would make sure it is in stores and that users can get a hold of it. The success of Apple and OS X depends on this 10.1 update, and they has done a horrible job of providing information to users and retailers. I recommend the Macintosh to almost everyone I can because of its ease of use and intuitiveness, but if getting support from Apple is going to be this difficult in the future I may stop. If other people I recommended the Mac to went through this hassle how does that reflect on me.