FS: Mac Mini & Wireless Keyboard/Mouse


Evil PPC Tweaker
Shipping is from 98178, and my eBay username is krevnik (for those who want to see my small amount of feedback).

Item 1: Mac Mini

- 1.25Ghz Model
- 512MB RAM
- No Airport / Bluetooth
- 10.3.9 Factory Installed + 10.4 Upgrade DVD

This was purchased in June, before the refresh, but was upgraded when I bought it and is now pretty much the exact same thing as what you can buy as the low-end from Apple. Not only that, I will include all the original manuals, discs, stickers, etc... and the original receipt to make it easier on the buyer if something comes up before next June and it needs warranty replacement. The machine is in great shape, but I recently upgraded (again) to a larger desktop, and this little guy isn't gonna get much use anymore... and I would rather see it get a good home, than gather dust.

I am looking for about 420$ + shipping / obo.

Item 2: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse

- Brand-new
- Batteries included, and only lightly used

These beauties came with my new purchase, but I have no real need for them. I already have a nice laptop-style keyboard for my desktop, and since the wires are all hidden anyways, it doesn't make the desk any more clean to use wireless over wired.

I am looking for 40$ each (if bought seperately), or 70$ if bought together. The price includes shipping.

If you are wanting to buy both the mouse/keyboard and the Mini, please be aware that I will likely not combine them into one shipment. Also, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth upgrade for the Mini separately before the keyboard/mouse can be used with this particular Mini

Shipping is going to be done via USPS Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is optional, but I will not ship without Delivery or Signature Confirmation (your choice). This is to protect myself mostly, but it also helps in bizarre shipping cases.

Edit: If you attempted to send e-mail (for whatever reason), I realized my e-mail address was horribly out-of-date. This has been fixed.