FS: PowerMac 8600 (Modified)


Evil PPC Tweaker
I am selling my old trusty 8600.

300Mhz 604e, 288MB of RAM
Original 4GB drive, plus an 18GB drive added in (SCSI)
4-port USB 1.1 Card
3-port Firewire Card
Zip-100 Drive

There are two case modifications. The first is a replacement case fan that was mounted on the outside shell panel (the one you remove to get inside). Beceause the fan had to get replaced, it is no longer the nice cordless connection it once was. The good news is that it doesn't get in the way too much as there is plenty of slack. The second is a fan added where one of the PCI slots would be if this was a 9600. This removes air out of the case, making it rather stable for long-term operation as a server, even in closed rooms.

An OS will not be installed on the system (I was using 10.2), although I can include Yellow Dog Linux CDs if you wish.

I am looking for 100$/obo + shipping costs from 98178.

I have a Voodoo 5 PCI card in storage that I could take out and include with the 8600 (which I will install and test myself). The fans are a bit noisy, although I will ask for 15$ more to have the Voodoo 5 card included.