FS: PowerMac G5 1.8ghz 1.5gb RAM 160gb HD Geforce 5200


Apple Avid
im selling my favorite toy and moving onto bigger and better things (like a dual 2.3). i bought this computer march 9 2004 and it has served me very, very, very well. i love this computer to death. the specs are in my sig but i guess theres no harm in reposting:

Processor: 1.8ghz G5
Bus: 900mhz
Ram: 1.5 included, expandable to 8gb (512 standard)
HD: 160gb
PCI: 3 PCI-X and one AGP 8x
Video Card: nVidia GeForce FX5200 Ultra 64MB VRAM
Optical Drive: 4x Superdrive

included are all the original cables, manuals, cds, dvds, boxes, everything just like you bought it yesterday (well, except for the extra gigabyte of ram). this computer is actually quite hard to come by - its discontinued, and you should not confuse it with the late 1.8ghz apple sold, which came with an 80gb hd, 4slots of ram expandable to 4gb, not 8, and the exclusion of PCI-X slots). it is in mint condition, no scratches or blemishes, all fans work in perfect order, keyboard and mouse are dead white and very clean (i used an iskin to keep it that way..unfortunately ill be keeping this iskin for my new g5).

the computer will obviously ship with tiger, and you may email me to request any other software or game title preinstalled when you receive the machine...i have a very large selection.

for all of this, im asking $2000 OBO. this computer is one of a kind and will serve the next owner very well. email or PM for any more questions or pictures


local (los angeles) pickup available / preferred though i dont mind discussing shipping

edit: forgot to mention that this comp comes with tiger, ilife 05, and any other sw or game title requested (provided i have it).

also, this computer will come with a 17" crt free