FS: PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 w/ extras...


Dual 1.8 with a gig of RAM.

AppleCare good until June of 2007!!!

The machine is fully covered until then.

2 video card's included, original (5200) and slightly upgraded Radeon 9600.

I still have all of the manuals and boxes everything came in. I will also fully install numerous programs including PhotoShop CS and will include a couple games such as Halo and Lord Of The Rings...

Further questions please feel free to e-mail and ask.. inocense22@hotmail.com

Asking price: $1,850 shipped anywhere within the US.. obo

Machine runs GREAT and looks like NEW!...


Mac Metal Head
Inocense said:
Price Drop...

$1,600 shipped...

or $1,550 for local Chicago pickup...

You really should try ebay, you could probably get the 1800 you were originally asking for, used mac stuff on ebay is expensive.


Yeah.. Just didn't want the hassle and the fee's.. But that looks like what I am gonna have to do unfortunetly..