FS - Vintage Macintosh Plus w/1 MB RAM and Mac team signatures on inside


Unofficial Mac Genius
I have two Macintosh Pluses for sale. One is in good condition and starts up fine. The other does not start up (there's a little click when you try to turn it on). While these aren't the very first Macs, they still have the signatures of all of the people on the original Macintosh team on the inside of the case, which is pretty cool!

In addition to the two Mac Plus computers themselves, two functioning keyboard and mice are also included, as well as a Mac Plus carrying case. I have three floppy disks that came with these computers: a guided tour of Macintosh and MacPaint, as well as the MacPaint disk itself.

I would rather not sell these items individually, but will entertain offers anyway. Feel free to make me your best offer, as well. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and will meet in person to make the transaction, but will not ship them anywhere.


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