Hi all...

I had a nasty problem with my osX imac... I just won't startup anymore. A problem with my disk. That' what i made up:
Something ruined fstab (the partition table) and now the bootloader does'nt see the disk name anymore. That is why i dont't get any even from the verbose start-up.
Since i can access fstab from my os9 partition, i wouldlike to ask to some of u if u have any hint on how to re-create the file. If, offcourse, my guess is the right one.

Thank you all

that's fstab.hd... is there anything wrong?

/dev/hd0a / ufs rw 1 1
/dev/hd0e /var ufs rw 1 2
/dev/hd0f /usr ufs rw 1 2
/dev/hd0d /tmp mfs rw,-s=12000,-b=8192,-f=1024,-T=sd660 0 0