FTP and Unix


I have been having a real battle trying to upload files to my /webserver/documents/ directory via FTP.

It seems that the files upload fine but the permissions of the files get changed when they arrive. I am using fetch to upload with. I can go in and manually change the file permissions through fetch, but this is not the solution.

I have to think it has to do with directory or file permissions that are assigned by the server. I am new to this game so i am not sure. The problem is especially aggrivating when I upload php scripts which will not run unless they have the correct permissions.

I should mention I am running apache 1.3 on OS X.3.9

Can anybody help?




Usually when you upload a file into the FTP server, the file permissions should be under the username of the ftp user that uploaded the data.

So if you're using your own compiled chrooted Apache server instead of Apple's version, it can't read that user data, unless you run Apache as root (i'm sure you don't want to run it as root). But as debugging purposes, you can try.


you might want to consider using scp with the -p flag to preserve the permissions