ftp and webdav problems


Hi, I am experiencing problems with ftp and 'mydisk' (I think this is webdav - you connect and it places a mac volume on your desktop), when I try to log on to my server from a remote locations I get the following errors:

When trying to access ftp:-

Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error
occurred (Error code -50)

sometimes I can connect to ftp but access is very intermittent and when I
do connect I cannot upload anything to my ftp folder.

When trying to access the 'mydisk' function I get the following:-

The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in
"https://www.cmsdigital.co.uk/ mydisk/mick/" could not be read or written
Error code -36) (mydisk).

I have no problems logging onto my server (axentra netbox) via my browser for admin and secure file access

I am running a mac G4 laptop with System 10.3.9.

At my work connection I am on the same network as my server 100baseT connected via router & hub, this seems to work fine, both internally through the network and externally via the internet.

At home I am connected direct via an ADSL usb modem, I have made 2 separate locations in my network prefs to connect at work and at home

any ideas?

FTP support in Finder is read only. Use a client application like RBrowser Lite, CyberDuck or similar if you want to upload.

The webdav connection should work fine, but it can be sketchy sometimes. Since you only have problems from remote locations, you might want to check that all the necessary ports are open, and that your ISP isn't blocking traffic on some of them. That happens a lot...
Cheers elander, I downloaded Cyberduck - that sorted the ftp problem...then I found Goliath which sorted the webdav problem.

Thanks for your help