FTP Connection Delay


When connecting to my OS X machine (10.0.4) via FTP, there is ALWAYS a 15-25 second delay before the connection goes through. I "connect" immediately ("connected to xxx.xxx.0.3 port 21") but then it takes the 15-25 seconds for the OS X machine to ask for the username/password etc.

This even happens after I close the existing FTP session, and start a new one (thus can't have anything to do with OS X starting a new ftp server). This also happens after reboots on both machines, and the client machine can FTP to other machines with no delays at all.

Once the connection finally made...speeds are perfect!

Any one have any ideas???
It could also be a common thing seen on *nix, namely, reverse DNS. Does 'nslookup my.ip.addr.ess' take a while? If so, that's most likely what ftpd is doing on your originating IP, causing the slowdown.