FTP doesnt work right still


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Metfoo, please clarify that for us a little. As best I understand it, the permissions for FTP are the same as those for unix / os x / etc. Are you trying to set up a public or anonymous FTP server? Are you trying to use FTP to share files with other users and you've forgotten to give them permissions?
Are you talking about the FTP services? Or are you using the FTP client for Jaguar that lets you mount FTP as a volume?
I am unaware of any real flaws in the FTP service on OS X, though there are a few minor bugs in Jaguar's FTP client feature that are well known, so a little more information would help a little. ;)


sorry ftp client. It appeared to work right so i posted a post saying it worked, but it didnt.

It does seem to connect faster for me though