ftp help


I know I can access my puter using fetch. so I have a ftp set up. now how do I set up an account for some of my friends to access, but limit them to just a couple of folders?
I know two ways of doing it but I'm sure there are plenty more. This is for Mac OS 10.0-10.1. Single click on any/all folders you havve interest-->File-->Show Info-->Privileges(popup menu)-->choose your preferences. Group os like guest, owner is you or the system (root), and group is usually other administrators. And than you can also choose to Apply to All Enclosed Folders. Now usually as default this is fine. And you can do it to your entire hard drive by logging in as root. Or the other is turn on Web Sharing in which you can put up a single web page with links to files people can download. Hope that helps. Ask for further details or instructions.